Best Chess Books

top chess booksGood news your favorite chesswala online portal now deals in different books of chess strategies and learning for beginners to masters. We provide books on strategical mind game with author trademark suggestions and signatures with DVDs at economical prices and with special services of free home delivery, cash on delivery and a membership card with which you can enjoy our wide range of different chess products at discounted prices. “Offer available for limited period” explore it. Continue reading

Top chess manufacturing companies

Chess is a mind strategic game being played from ages. This game is played by more than 700 million people worldwide. All age group people love to play this indoor game. Many companies manufacture chess boards, pieces and its accessories like chess boxes, key chains and others. This article has the information about top chess manufacturing companies. To know more types of chess and its accessories, visit chesswala. Chess sets can be categorized as:- Continue reading

Skills For Winning Chess

“Game Which Can Change Life On Single Decision”

required skills for chess winnigWe all know that chess is totally depends upon planning, implementation and strategy at right time. It is a game which have capability of changing one life just in seconds. Now a days chess becomes very common game and very important life skill for every one. One should have strong skills for winning chess game to top levels. Continue reading

Role of queen in chess

Chess is a strategic game. It needs patience, planning at right time, strategies and presencequeen
of mind. The opponent tries to attack on the KING, which is the master piece of the game. Focus on your opponents move, think, plan and execute. Every chess piece has its own importance. Queen is the game changer and main role of queen in chess is very vital. Continue reading

Role Of Pawns In Chess

“Piece of smallest size but bears numerous value in the game”

pawn importanceAs you all know chess has total 32 pieces in which

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8 are pawns and other 8 are king, queen, rook, bishop, knight. These 8 pieces have special powers, but their powers are worthless without small and a lot effective pieces named pawns. These small bits plays an very important role to win a particular game. Continue reading

Best chess for Kids

Chess is an excellent game for kids. It teaches them strategic thinking, logic and it’s fun, too!

When do we start playing chess? I did when I was 15 years old. But in the present era, a kid ofchess for kids 5 or 6 year old plays chess like he/she is a champion. Now a days, parents want to sharp their kids minds. This article will help you to select best chess set for kids. At our childhood age, we always prefer to play outdoor games rather than indoor games. Playing outdoor games is very good but what if kids have summer vacations or its rainy season, they need some game to play at home that is an indoor game. Chess is known as the best indoor game. Continue reading

Essential Skills For Playing Chess

“Skills that matters to be best in the game”

skills required for playing chessAs we all know that chess is totally based on strategies and planning. Chess is most popular game played all over the world by all the generations. If someone is new in chess then he had to work very hard to increase his capability and skills. Continue reading

Rules And Regulations Of Chess

“Respect the rules, Game will respect you”

instructions to play chessWe all know that chess is a strategy based game played all over the world with many advantages for all the people. According to the stats this particular game not only played in tournaments but also played in clubs, school, colleges, home etc. To enjoy this great game one should be aware of its rules and regulations. To know about best chess books and best chess strategies you can visit chesswala and get to know more about chess like role of queen, role of pawn in chess. Continue reading

Learn chess strategies online

“Chess- The game of strategies”

Chess is all about the presence of mind. Its all about how you plan ? If you have strategy, you will never lose. Winningchess winning tricks the game needs a lot of practice and strategy. Now you can learn chess strategies online here in chesswala and improve your skills of playing the game. More than 700 million people play chess online either online or offline worldwide. So, if you want to be the champion, you should have different strategies and some tactics as well. Chesswala experts lists the top chess winning strategies which can take you to the heights in the game. Continue reading

How to choose the best wooden chess set online

Looking for a crazy game? Want to upgrade your skill sets? Is it hard to spend time at home? The answer for all these questions is- “Play Chess”. This is one of the best indoor games played all over the world. Million of people love to play chess. Now a days, chess is played online on computers as well. Wooden chess set is mostly purchased for playing at home. If you want to know how to choose the best wooden chess set online, you can also visit chesswala and know more about chess. Continue reading